Collage Aloha! Our first week married was spent in the most beautiful, vibrant place I’ve ever laid eyes on– Kauai, HI. The greens were greener. The blues were bluer. And the land was so fresh and diverse — It was a dream come true. Upon arrival, our first item on the to-do list was a helicopter tour of the island. We had heard that this was a MUST-SEE, above almost everything else. Best. Decision. Ever. We were able to see the beautiful scenery and get an overall picture of the island’s unique vegetation (see pictures above^^). We then spent the remainder of the week exploring the island in search for those breathtaking beaches and areas we saw by flight.

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After a crazy summer of work and wedding planning, my main plug was for beach time. Solid beach time. We spent as  much time in the sun as Nick’s skin would allow:) I think we may have overdone the first few days, because it left the rest of the week spent hiding from the sun in search for fresh fruit stands. We couldn’t get enough of those ripe mangos.

AND above all else, it made me realize how lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful guy. I will probably tell you many times, but I married UP! I couldn’t stop staring at Nick the whole week. All I could think about was, “Did he really choose me!?” “My kids are going to look like him!?” “We are going to be together FOREVER!?” I woke up many mornings asking Nick, “Are you sure we’re married?” After about the third time asking, he finally realized, maybe I truly did need some convincing:) But really, I was so happy to be in a beautiful place with the ONE person I chose to spend the rest of my life pleasing, loving, nurturing, and tending. All that built-up emotional exhaustion and wedding stress just melted away with the sun. Oh how it was liberating to love so freely. Okay enough gushiness. (Though you should expect gushiness in a post titled “honeymooners”.)

Nick is quite the charmer. When we arrived at our first hotel, the ladies at the front desk gave us complementary snorkeling gear–for FREE! We were so lucky. Snorkeling gear was a GREAT incentive to get Nick to stay at the beach:)


Once we maxed out on afternoons spent at the beach, we decided to trek up the Na Pali Coast by boat. This was the only side of the island we could not reach by car. Experiencing the magnificence of the high, rigid cliffs that drop into the clean, turquoise ocean was worth every minute of the long venture around the island. We seemed so small and minuscule compared to the grand presence of mother nature herself. It was incredible. We sped through sea caves, explored ancient ruins, and snorkeled the murky bay. Though we were as good as crisp by the end of the trip, it was an afternoon worth remembering.

Ahhh! I was in love.

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Our last afternoon was spent on stand-up paddle boards. Gah! It felt so nice to be in fresh river water. After feeling sticky and sandy all week, it was very refreshing to be in the sun and still feel clean. We owe more than a blissful afternoon to that lovely river. It was a conversation from this river trip that gave birth to THIS BLOG. We talked about what we wanted to be as a couple. As a family. Then…naturally, I decided to create a space where we could share our ideas. You know, help project (and be) more good in the world.

So, after nights spent brainstorming and tweaking code, here’s our blog. Here’s hoping to be a force for good.

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