I dream of a day when I’ll send my toe-headed children to the backyard to fetch our homegrown vegetables and fruit from our small, but well-loved garden. Our house will be humble and cozy, and our yard a good mix between manicured and untamed. There will be a treehouse in our backyard that Nick will have built for all the neighborhood kids. Oh, how those kids will love Nick. We will have a large front porch dedicated for social gatherings and late-night rainstorm watching. Our hand-painted walls will be decorated by the finest “Homer-made” art, including oil and finger paint. We will make homemade jam and cookies often — meaning lots of messes and sticky cabinets. Hmm mmh. And the lovely sound of bare feet against the hardwood floors will be our soundtrack as there will be lots of dancing, jittering and wrestling happening at all hours of the day. It will be real. There will be lots tears and laughter and projects. Ohhh will there be projects. And we’ll end every night with reading, warm jammies and cuddlefests. Lots of cuddlefests.

…just daydreaming as I look through my mother’s garden.

garden flower 2


homegrown tomatoes



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