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I love lists. I think it’s a great way to say a lot without the need to embellish.

So, to avoid the small talk and excessive stories, let’s make a list.
What makes us, US!?!
Here are 50 things about the Homers!

1. He often smells of metal and lake water.
2. Her favorite movie is Ever After.
3. He has long toes. Like really long toes.
4. She loves handwritten letters.
5. They started to date after a flirtatious trip to the grocery store.
6. She loves the sun.
7. His skin does not.
8. They love the movie Moonrise Kingdom (Shhh, it’s the wifi password.)
9. She always forgets her passwords. Resets them. And forgets them.
10. He likes to build, build, build.
11. She likes to paint.
12. She hogs the blankets (every.single.night).
13. He puts up with her hogging the blankets.
14. Second to Chelsea is his love for legos.
15. She got her blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows from her great-grandfather.
16. He loves watching documentaries on space.
17. She idolizes Brene Brown.
18. They both fight for the yellow game piece.
19. She loves design and advertising.
20. He loves tree houses and dreams of building a treehouse bed & breakfast!
21. They only own a TV because it was given to them for free.
22. He cooks better than she does.
23. She started her own film company.
24. He dances when he’s on conference calls.
25. She is a planner.
26. He never sleeps in past 6:00 AM–no. matter. what.
27. They both love the mountains.
28. He’s still trying to convince her of the beauty of mt. biking.
29. He makes her laugh. often.
30. She loves to write.
31. He hates dancing in public.
32. She runs to cope.
33. They both graduated from BYU and met in Provo.
34. She can wiggle her ears.
35. He surprised her with a trip to California, where he proposed on the beach.
36. They LOVE a good podcast.
37. He does math in the shower.
38. She’s a sucker for a good deal.
39. He’s SUPER handy around the house. Like, he can fix anything.
40. She knows every word to any Shania Twain song. (Try me.)
41. She can’t wait to be a mother.
42. He speaks Portugese.
43. She is a feminist.
44. He gives her morning foot rubs.
45. She gets a little (a lot) grumpy when she’s hungry.
46. He never spoke a word until he was 13. Now he can’t stop talking. (haha, seriously!)
47. She likes to groom him with nose strips…when he lets her.
48. He drives (and builds) motorized couches.
49. She loves to squish and kiss his face.
50. They both love waterflight!

-Nick & Chels

Here’s a little snippet of “our story”:


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