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All aboard!!

When Nick was little, he LOVED trains. In fact, his mother, Carol, would draw train car after train car for him during church meetings to help keep him quiet and entertained. Eventually, these Carol-made drawings became an essential part of Sunday worship and Nick’s childhood. Needless to say, Nicholas holds a special place in his heart for trains and their magnificence.

SOO, to shake up our weekly routine, we decided to drive to the wonderful town of Heber to ride THE Heber Creeper, something Nick did as a little boy. I’ve heard stories of this legendary train, but have never, until Thursday, had the opportunity to enjoy. We arrived to the station a little later than planned, making the time between our car and the ticket lady a mad dash…after all, trains leave promptly at their scheduled time. We hopped on the train completely out of breath and in desperation to find open seats amidst the hundreds of families dressed to the nines in halloween costumes. As we made our way to the VERY back of the train, we were completely enthralled with the atmosphere. Little witches and superheros were hopping over seats, running around the aisles, and dancing to the One Direction song playing over the loud speakers. It was a site for sore eyes. Or at least baby-hungry eyes:) Nick and I just laughed and laughed throughout the ride.

It was a beautiful fall day out the windows. The great weather combined with the halloween festivities taking place inside the train, made this October season FINALLY feel like fall for me. I brought my camera in hope to work on playing with shutter speed and aperture while enjoying the scenic views. Little did I know, the train moved so slowly (5 mph) that shutter speed was not necessary:) We were definitely moving at a crawling rate…

Nevertheless, it was an adventure. A fun one at that. Midway through the ride, we stopped to allow the train to switch directions. While waiting, we were given delicious pumpkin cookies as we watched the kids learn the dance moves to Thriller, a Halloween classic!  Did I mention the car leader was dressed as Frankenstein?

We left the train station with our hands full of complimentary pumpkins and our hearts feeling like giddy kids again. What a night!

**You definitely have the Homer’s stamp of approval on a night out with the Heber Creeeeper.