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IMG_9014 rachel_sitting


I mean really, isn’t she a stunner? (I apologize if my complimenting her, as her twin, weirds you out. It has that effect on some, but I think it’s just.)

I’ve been wanting to get out and practice some of the techniques I learned in my latest photography class. AND, because Nick lasts about a whole 30 seconds before he gets bored, I moved to my next victim: Rachel, who was kind enough to freeze her little buns off to help me learn. Luckily, she’s perfect in every way–making my job a whole lot easier.

I do have to say, I love learning. I love acquiring a new skill set and challenging myself to get better. Though it’s an uphill battle from here, it’s looking a lot better than it did a few weeks ago. So, if you’re ever wanting free pictures of yourself >> because let’s face it, how often do we really get decent pictures of ourselves that aren’t blurry, saturated, and just downright “what is happening in this picture?” (I know, I don’t) >> let me know. I’m all about learning, and the best way to do that is to PRACTICE.

And for the record, I’m not aspiring to be a world-renowned photographer. I just want to learn and hopefully use this practice for a project I have coming up. Plus, it’s always nice to make people you love feel like rockstars. So that’s what I am–a means to an end of showcasing your awesomeness.

**Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.


  1. Momma October 28, 2014

    my beautiful babies….

  2. Krista November 12, 2014

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful Rach! You are both champs:)

  3. jchels09 November 12, 2014

    My two greatest supporters. Thank you, thank you!!

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