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^^oops. Bombs away.

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I know it seems like we’re totally obsessed with our hedgehog, but we are! She is such a delight. Though she doesn’t speak or really do a whole lot of anything, if we’re being honest, she does have a way of boosting the morale instantly when she enters the room. I don’t know if it’s her round, black eyes or just how proportionally tiny she is…she has Nick and me wrapped around her little paw.

Nick and I had no idea as to what we wanted to be for Halloween. A few days ago, we considered a costume for Lucy….that halted ALL progress on our costumes and full steam ahead for Miss Lucy. Let’s be honest, it’s much more fun brainstorming costumes for little rodents than it is for humans. After we got to thinking of the most ADORABLE little costumes for Lu Lu, we discovered one minor detail: hedgehogs do not like being dressed up. Like, not one bit. So…then we had to limit our creativity and get more creative (if that makes any sense at all), to come up with a costume that took little, to no, effort on her part.

This is the end result. I couldn’t stop laughing. I always laugh when Lucy’s in the picture (literally and figuratively). Of course, we had to let her inspect the costume ingredients before we made her wear them. I showered a few sprinkles on her little head, but naturally, she shook them off faster than I could strategically place them. On the bright side, we managed to get a few shots where she wasn’t squirming all over the place. Hooray!

**side note: we think we’re crazy. In fact, we know we’re crazy. We apologize in advance and also appreciate any donations we may receive from the stock photo industry — we’re definitely contributing to their hedgehog selection.

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