buy generic Neurontin Hurray!! Photography class: check!

http://sargeantstudios.net/?m=200909 I’ve been meaning to better my relationship with my camera for months now, but never seemed to find the time (or ability, let’s be honest). When I saw the University of Utah offering a continuing education course online, I made the leap to sign up and dedicate a one-on-one date night for five weeks with this little camera of mine. Though the class was small and everyone well over fifty, I made the best of friends and thoroughly enjoyed the three-hour night class each week. (Can I just say, it’s so nice to be in a classroom setting. I thoroughly miss the learning environment.)

For our final week, we took a field trip up to Red Butte Gardens (SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!), to play with all the fun settings on our camera. After a handful of lectures, it was finally time to get down in the dirt (literally) and show our stuff. Everyone was instructed to bring little models, if we had them. Lucky for me, my classmates have darling kids and grandkids (see pictures below). After all, it’s much easier to take good pictures when the subject matter is adorable. The beautiful vegetation combined with the darling children, we were set for success.

I’ve included some of my favorite shots over the weekend. I know I’m about as amateur as they come, but it’s nice to get a closer look at the incredible workings of the camera. It’s rather ingenious learning about what these handheld devices are capable of. One day I’ll actually be able to utilize these settings and take, as my teacher says, an “emotionally resonating” photo.

Here’s to better photos ahead:)

IMG_7602 IMG_7983IMG_8069  IMG_8059IMG_7633 IMG_7640  IMG_7683IMG_7681IMG_7711IMG_7740IMG_7742  IMG_7741    IMG_7807 IMG_7976   IMG_8090IMG_8241IMG_8010IMG_7921IMG_7840


  1. Nicky October 13, 2014

    Lookin classy babes!

  2. Rachel Garrett October 15, 2014

    STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS! They look fantastic, Chels! I couldn’t even tell you my favorite…too many!

  3. Krista October 24, 2014

    Chels!! I”m impressed! They look awesome! Good job:)

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