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neurontin without a script The big 1-8!! WHA!?! Where did the time go?

To celebrate her birth, naturally, we went to the woods and turned her in to the most beautiful Christmas fairy. It’s silly and rather ridiculous…but she was such a great sport and looked absolutely breathtaking the whole time–no matter the freezing temperatures.

Ironically, the song accompanying this short clip is titled, Neverland–a song about never growing up. Oh how I wish Liza Jane would forever stay the chubby-cheeked, happy baby she once was. I tell you, those honker cheeks + dimples made her a sight for sore eyes, indeed.

Now, she is becoming such a fearless young lady. Though involved in student government, volleyball, track, and a load of AP classes, she still has time to be the fun-loving party animal we all love. It baffles me the way she can juggle so many things in her life and still make time for family and things of importance. I love her dearly.

I love her creative nature. Her live-loud attitude. Her optimism when faced with difficult trials and unexpected health turns. Her beautiful testimony. Her ability to be carefree, yet sensitive and empathetic when needed. She is a winner through and through.

Love you, liza beth!



  1. Jessalyn December 8, 2014

    Love it chels!! Super fun!

  2. Liza December 16, 2014

    I am so hot

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