Lucille’s Debut

Once upon a time, Nick befriended Devin-SUPERTRAMP-Graham on FB. Two hours later, Devin asked for hedgehogs living in Provo for an upcoming Christmas video. My how the heavens smiled upon Lucy that evening. (If you don’t know Devin Graham, check him out.) We commented that, yes, indeed, we have a pet hedgehog and we live in Orem. Devin messaged Nick back and BOOM, Lucy got her big break…unbeknownst to her:)

The next day we took Lucy up to a mansion on the mountain to meet Devin and the crew. For the next five hours we tried our best to handle these hedgehogs with care. But, as the antisocial, unpotty trained little creatures they are, it was a bigger task than we expected. The little hedgies would dart as quickly as possible to any dark folds in the christmas tree skirt or underneath the couch — Hedgies are nocturnal. And once you offend a hedgie, beware of picking them up. We had little spike balls everywhere resisting to be moved or set in a train car. It was both adorable and exhausting to keep track of these sneaky little guys.  In good news, everyone survived the evening, and the movie was uploaded a week later.

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  1. Katie Howe January 8, 2015

    Oh my heavens. That is ridiculously adorable!


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