Cedar Park When Katie asked me to film Henry’s birth, I about peed my pants out of excitment. Flashback five months ago when I spent an ENTIRE afternoon crying on my couch watching birth videos. I don’t know how I stumbled upon them, but I did, and there was no going back. I talked to Nick about wanting to start my own little videography business. Of course, after settling down the (overwhelming!) fear, doubt, and insecurity of learning a new trade (NOT to mention being totally and utterly intimidated by the cost of a new lense, let alone editing software, tripod, stabilizer, monopod, new camera, etc. (Can you say investment??)), I decided to take the dive. There was no try or give up, it was do or die when finances are involved.  Lucky for me, Nick’s entrepreunerial side has definitely couched me a time or two to press forward in faith.

Needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with film. AND I’ve fallen in love with film all over again after meeting Henry and working with Katie and Steve. I have to say, Katie and Steve are as sweet and genuine as people come. They were SO fun to work with and made me feel right at home in their personal delivery room. 🙂 The one regret I have that the video doesn’t feature, is Katie’s fun, spunky sense of humor. She was hilarious. Even mid-contractions she was pulling jokes and making silly comments. I thought several times, “If only I could be this polite and charming when I’m mid-delivery.”  Seriously!

Once Henry came into the room, nothing else in the world mattered. Any arbitrary worry, insecurity, or doubt just faded away. His little spirit filled the room entirely and brought with him a piece of heaven. It was beautiful and sacred.

I adore Katie and Steve’s relationship. I adore sweet little Henry! And I adore the footage — I was a hot mess for an embarrasingly amount of time editing this video!

I hope you enjoy this birth story as much as I did.



  1. Kailee March 4, 2015

    Chelsea that video is SO good! I loved it and thought you captured the spirit of everything so well. What camera and lens do you shoot with? Really, great job!

  2. jchels09 March 4, 2015

    Thank you, Kailee! I’ve enjoyed your work as well. Congrats on the new position. How exciting for you. I use a Panasonic GH4. I have the 12-35mm lense on a micro 3/4 — so it’s basically a 24-70mm on a full-frame camera (if that makes any sense at all.)

  3. Chaylyn March 29, 2015

    I didn’t watch this right when you posted it because I knew I would just sit and bawl my eyes out. Yep, just did. And now I can’t stop. As if I wasn’t emotional enough without all these pregnancy hormones! Chels you are amazing. Oh how I wish you could come make one of these for me!

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