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http://ifcus.org/beence.php Nick has been traveling like a crazy man lately trying to get everything squared away before the “BIG LAUNCH” come the end of May. (It’s almost here!!!) Fortunately, all the kinks have been ironed out (fingers crossed) and we are moving ahead in good time. Though, this traveling (being left behind) is wearing on me a little. I was literally counting down the minutes until his plane landed, similar to a very long shift at work. Once the clock hit 11:00 PM, I was so ready to hop in the car and pick him up after another week away. Life is just better with Nick.

Quite humorously, I don’t realize how much I need Nick until he’s gone. I’m in the middle of coding my new site, getting a new church calling, babysitting my cousins for the week (more on that later), quiting my job, and scheduling two-three filming gigs a week….I must say, I NEED him for daily survival. It’s like I’m running on empty until I see him, then my batteries charge right up just being next to him. Haha it sounds crazy, because I KNOW there were long periods of time where I wasn’t dating someone seriously while living on my own, and I didn’t feel this need to have some other human by my side at all times. It’s a funny thing. But since I have been spoiled with Nick, the thought of going back is quite daunting. (tangent over)

Needless to say, with everything going on, I ask for his opinion 1,000,000x a day. “Nick do you like this?”  “Read this, what do you think? Does that sound assertive, but not rude?” “What about this shot, can you see the sunshine reflecting on his nosehair? (Yes, I really did ask about a nose hair in one of my videos)” It’s tiresome I’m sure from Nick’s end, but I trust his opinion and enjoy his wisdom.

I love this picture because it captures so much about our relationship. We just finished a run/nick scootering beside me, catching up from the last week, no makeup, grungy clothes and pure bliss. I feel as though our house is a metal/welding shop, I’m constantly editing like a madwoman (no time for getting ready or brushing my hair) and the one thing we resort to (therapy purposes–to remain sane!) is run/scooter/bike around the block and talk. Though we have lots and lots of work ahead of us, I’m happy where we’re at…welcome home, dudie!

IMG_0635Also, look how cute his spongebob backpack is that holds his precious drone (aerial footage)!?! I couldn’t stop laughing when I dropped him off to the airport. I know what he must’ve looked like on his first day of kindergarten. 🙂

Sidenote: this is what he made with his spongebob backpack while he was out in Texas. Enjoy.

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  1. Krista Hiatt May 18, 2015

    Whoa! That is so cool and so funny haha. And I totally 100% know what you mean about going crazy when your husband’s gone, though I’ve never been tough enough to do it as long or as frequently as you guys do. I used to think I was independent and fine before I got married, but I am a wreck without Billy haha. Thank goodness for those guys! Nick is amazing, good luck with this big launch and good luck with all your stuff, filming and calling and babysitting and such. You’re a champ.

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