IMG_1584Nick’s family has a yearly tradition of going to Lake Powell. It’s a full week of boating, flying and the yummiest Carol-made food imageanable –> I’ve got the food belly to prove it. Honestly, it’s a week in heaven.

One night we decided to sleep under the stars on the top deck…we watched as the Milky Way traversed across the sky and behind these HUGE towering cliffs. It was amazing. Nick and I stayed up late talking about travel and space. You’ll definitely get an ear full when talking to Nick about the mysteries of space. The longer we chatted, the smaller I felt. It’s like we were these itty bitty ants surrounded by large rocks, looking out to a much bigger, more confusing world. Kinda reminds me of the scene in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, where the kids try to make their way through the overgrown grass in the backyard to get back home. Quite suprisingly it was nice to feel so small, because it definitely puts things into perspective (things I should/should not worry about relative to everything around me).

As for the rest of the week, Nick and I put the camera gear aside and spent most of our days soaking up the sun, water skiing, floating in the lake, and learning new tricks on the JetDeck. Yay! We needed a break from filming and building jet packs to just relax and enjoy family.







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