Married to Martha Stewart on Engineering Steriods!


When I moved to Condo Row, four years ago, I noticed a particularly handsome guy running the show, when I mean show, I mean ward activities. His energy and eagerness to get people together was intriguing to say the least. I’m talking buying a motorhome for the single purpose of getting as many people as possible to roadtrip with him to southern utah or Moab. Why limit the invite list to four people when you could have 20+!?!

He would throw the most elaborate, themed parties I’ve ever seen…one of which was a Harry Potter themed halloween party. What many thought would be a simple, come-wearing-dark-glasses-and-a-striped-scarf turned into a theatrical production. He asked four students to be professors, sorted the ward into “houses”, and arranged for classes to be held where students could earn points…not to mention the entire four apartment complexes transformed into Hogwarts before our very eyes. Each house came prepared with an introductory performance, many of which included pyrotechnics, choreographed dancing, flying students on trapeze lines, and painted cars in house colors. It was beyond extreme. We’re talking serious Harry Potter fans. Needless to say, this activity took off and was quickly adopted as a ward tradition. Last month marked the fourth year of HP goodness….to which Nick began feeling left out.

We were out at dinner with a long-time friend when the idea resurfaced, why can’t we do a married/moved-on-from-ward party? With that, the planning begun. I seriously have never met anyone like my husband. I would say I’m biased and am painting him in this genuis/beautiful/adoring light (well, maybe I am a little…), but no, he is seriously amazing when themed parties are involved. Like Martha Stewart on engineering steriods. He’s a little boy on Christmas morning planning an event where all his friends get together.

With that said, we bring you Hogwarts at the Homer’s. His parents were kind enough to host this big gathering since our 700 sq ft apartment was a little too small to oblige this group. It was fun to see John, Nick’s dad — also a legendary-bachelor-party-planning fanatic– and Nick as we were hanging the floating candles and brainstorming decorations. It was hilarious to watch the two bounce ideas off of each other. Of course, the asthetics aren’t always a consideration with Nick…so that’s where I come in. Nick can add movement/dimension/reality to any aspect of the party…making it look “prettty”…now that’s a different story:)

Britton and Jamie helped arrange the murder-mystery-type plot and added clues to tie in the theme of the whole night. They are the best party-planning duo. They don’t come more fun and creative and this couple. Plus, they happen to be Harry Potter experts…which need I mention, Nick and I are not. In fact, neither of us have finished even one Harry Potter book. We’ve collectively seen maybe two of the movies. Hahaha we’re pathetic…we know.

In all honesty, it was just fun to have the old gang back together (after 4 years!), plus some new to the HP parties. These are the most creative, fun-loving, silly, willing-to-be-nerdy-and-goofy people on the planet. They are what make this acitivity come to life. These are some seriously talented individuals who know a heck of a lot about Harry Potter.

Also, PLEASE excuse this blubbery post as I realize I’m basically just bragging about how awesome my husband is…I’m sorry…to make it up to you, I present (below) my incredibly poor attempt at capturing the event. 🙂
The best house table


professors  happybachelors

Professors (left), Two bachelors, Mr. Filch and Mrs. Norris alongside Hagrid (right).


Sorry this one’s blurry…but it’s all we got of the whole group.


Snape’s Potions Class ^^






Hagrid’s Caring for Mythical Creatures Class ^^


“Mad-Eye” Moody ^^


Plot twist ^^^


Slytherine House^^

Britton and Jamie

Britton (Dumbledore) and Jamie (McGonagall) ^^



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