Sunday Delight

nature6Recently, I’ve been striving to make Sunday’s a delight. Though Sunday’s can be really fulfilling, they often leave me exhausted and feeling inadequate. It used to be a day spent with family, relaxing, journal time, and reading. Now, I can’t seem to find the time to have a decent conversation with Nick before I crash hard on the couch due to endless meetings and time spent far, far out of my comfort zone (it really takes a toll). Needless, to say, this much-needed spiritual edification, relaxation, and meditation has been lacking big time.

A few weeks ago, someone made a comment that completely changed my perspective on Sunday worship. This woman was talking about what we deem as the “day of rest.” Often, we assume the literal translation as, let me wrap up in my blanket and take a good Sunday nap and relax for the start of the upcoming week. (No doubt, I like that interpretation.) However, a day of rest may also include rest from the tedious tasks and projects that consume our week. It could be a rest from technology. A rest from work distractions. A rest from drama and bad habits. I really loved this new perspective because it changed my interpretation of what a productive and well-spent Sabbath day looks like. I’ve also sorted out priorities and things to uninvite in my Sabbath worship — technology being a big one — and things to invite, like nature. It’s amazing what a quick walk around the block can do to release some of those jitters I often feel when I’m cooped up inside all day.

A few weeks ago, Nick and I needed a little break, so we drove up Hobble Creek Canyon to explore and get some fresh mountain air. Though it seems we’ve missed most of the colored leaves this year, we still managed to get a few golden leaves still hanging on.

nature3   nature7nature5 nature4  nature2 wheat3wheat2wheatjournalreading cleansheets blanket bestofbedAlso, journaling is a very helpful, productive habit. Though I’ve been a serious (!!!) slacker the last year or so, going back through my journal is amazingly therapeutic and rejuvenating…especially when I found the “dating” section of the decision process behind marrying Nick…it’s a long one. It’s only been a year-and-a-half and I’ve already seemed to have forgotten so many details. How!?!

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