People are so, so good.

My first impression of Ghana Make A Difference came from a lunch date with Stacey and Cory Hoffman (Directors) two weeks prior to our departure date. This filming opportunity kinda fell into BOTH of our laps last minute. I was originally planning to film abroad in Mali for a different African non-profit. Due to safety precautions, that trip was canceled last minute, and miraculously the Hoffman’s and I were connected. They told me their story of trying to adopt a set of twins in Africa which resulted in them moving to Ghana for many, many months in order to get the adoption papers/process approved to bring these children home with them. In the meantime, they saw so much disarray and hardships while in Ghana that they decided to dedicate their lives and much of their finances organizing a children’s home now known as GMAD. I know, right!?! They are the salt of the earth and so very giving. After our lunch date, I left knowing I wanted to do everything I could to showcase this wonderful organization.

Gah! Words just aren’t enough to describe this amazing/healing/life-changing adventure, so I’ll let the video do the talking…but I’ll have you know, everything about this trip was a miracle. From the timing of that inspiring lunch-date to the daily miracles allowing me to capture everything we needed for the documentary films while in Ghana, everything about this trip felt inspired and sacred. Not to mention the sheer brilliance that my mother and two of my sisters were able to take off work and book a last-minute flight. I can’t remember the last time I spent that much quality time, uninterrupted and unplugged, with my sisters/mom. #Blessed.

Going for the purpose of filming enabled us to see areas and speak with people we otherwise would never have trekked to see because of the specific programs and messages GMAD wanted captured. It was a behind the scenes tour of a nonprofit in Ghana and the many facilities established to help keep families together and alive. And I must say, again, PEOPLE are so incredibly kind and hard working. Despite all the evil in the world, there are so many good-hearted, loving people trying to help others daily.


These are a few of the kids who have “graduate” from the GMAD program standing next to their fathers.


Northern Volta Region^^^ (poor, poor, poor) This place tugged at my heart strings.

P1380696 P1380627 P1380611 P1380607 P1380601

A day at the ocean. These kids were in HEAVEN.


A newborn, only a few weeks old.


At church. This is the only real opportunity I had to take pictures because I was filming a majority of the trip. Don’t they look so clean and spiffy?

P1370605 P1370600 P1370581 P1370580 P1370576 P1370565 P1370553 P1370548P1370620 P1370508


Check out the snippet below to see what makes GMAD so special.


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