That one night on the beach


Two years ago Nick kidnapped me from work to go sailing into the California sunset…also, he proposed. Surprise!! Though, looking back, all I can think about is the little pep talk Nick gave me on the beach between the time he proposed and the long overdue “ring pic” my family, at home, was anxiously waiting to see.

I was scared out of my mind. We sat on the beach in the dark (BC we got a flat tire which delayed the whole proposal part of the trip) excited, hugging, crying. Marriage is such a HUGE, sacred, lifelong commitment and it terrified me. As soon as he put the ring on my finger, the fear and insecurity set in, and I found every reason to prolong the process. We were the only ones on the beach (need I remind you, it was pitch black) making the biggest decision of our lives. Time stopped and there was nothing to prove. Nick held my hands very firmly (for fear I’d run away, I’m sure) and dedicated himself to me that night to never give up on me…on us. He was confident yet gentle. He made me feel safe and loved. And that was it! Up went the proposal post and wedding planning began. When days get hard or differences arise, I tend to think about that night on the beach when it was just us two crazies vowing to work hard and love fiercely. And it’s made all the difference.

Sorry for the sappy post. Here’s to Nick and that he will finally come home from boat shows one day. 🙂

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