GUYS!! I’m OBSESSED with my family crew. These people (missing Sister J) are my whole world. So naturally, we made plans to kick-off the Memorial Weekend with a few nights up in Park City — STAYCATION! **I’m a huge believer in staycations. No need to blow your budget, but still able to get out and explore.

The one (AND only!) item on our agenda was to enjoy the sunshine and fresh mountain air. It didn’t take long before we made a to-do list:  venture down the famous PC Main Street to grab a bite of pizza and ride the trolley, play detective (we’re never too good for this childhood classic), explore local shops and museums, enjoy a good hike near the famous white barn (my favorite), and fill up the remainder of the time swimming at the hotel pool. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend Memorial Weekend than surrounded by the people I love most. It was two days in paradise if you ask me:)



Goin’ to explore the white barn.






Happy as a clam^^ And I just can’t get over those baggy eyes of his.



The Wilde’s.


The Garrett’s.



Us. I’ve learned to never expect a normal picture with this guy. It just won’t happen.^^






However, I didn’t want the fun-filled weekend to fly by without taking a moment to stop and reflect.

On Memorial Day, Nick and I accompanied my mom and grandma to visit my Grandpa Bill’s grave. Arriving a little earlier than planned, Nick and I sat down on the grass near my grandpa’s headstone, watching silently as families came to pay respect to their loved ones with flowers and homemade gifts. The bagpipe was playing (one of my favorite Memorial Day sounds) and we just listened. I got teary as I thought about the long year it’s been since saying goodbye to my gramps. So much has happened and is still happening in my little family and extended family that is hard to bare. It’s been a year full of change, hardship, pain, and grieving.

My mom and grandma soon joined the conversation about this sacred holiday. About all the people who have gone before us. About all the loved ones who no longer have visitors to pay tribute to the legacy (big or small) that they left behind. Hearing stories about my great-grandmother and distant relatives made it all that more special. I so wish I could’ve recorded this conversation, as the two strongest, grounded, and lovely ladies I know talked about their grief and how death has impacted their lives.

One of my favorite quotes, that I feel is very applicable to this difficult/sacred/holy day comes from one of my favorite plays, Peter and the Starcatcher. It’s one of the last lines of the play when Molly is forced to depart from Peter and the island, Neverland…she says, “It’s supposed to hurt (talking about leaving), that’s how you know it meant something.”

I think about this day often, as strange as that may sound. Life is so short. And more than ever, I’ve had daily reminders to live a more purposeful life. Though this day is painful and hard for many, many people … it’s a day of remembrance and consecration. It’s a day to cherish relationships that are no longer tangible. A day of self-reflection and goal setting. It’s a day to remember the things that meant something.



A picture that I will cherish.^^

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