Filming in Ketchikan, Alaska


A little backstory: Alaska has a special place in my family’s heart. My grandparents have created this tradition of going every year or two to stay on Grant Island — a remote island with little reception and a whole lot of family bonding time and fishing, of course:) Last year, I brought all my camera gear with me to try and capture the beauty of Alaska along with some familiar faces. Long story short, I edited the footage and posted it to my FB page for the purpose of showing my family. It only took a matter of hours before dozens of strangers were sharing it to their FB pages. I was shocked. Silverking has a special place in many, many hearts. And unbeknownst to me, Silverking hadn’t really had any video footage documenting what this remote island has to offer. So for the first time, avid/hobbyist fishermen/women were able to share with their loved ones this beautiful place they call home.

It wasn’t long before Russell (co-owner) saw the video on FB and immediately contacted me. He offered to pay for the rights to my video and asked if he could fly me out next (this) summer to film a few more promotional videos for his two other lodges. How could I refuse? Alaska + filming + fishing on the side…I was in heaven.

Lucky for me, Nick was able to clear up his schedule to accompany me on this trip of a lifetime. I cannot speak more highly of the Alaskan fishing experience. I’m not an avid fisherwoman by any stretch of the imagination, but I crave to get on the water and fish. To be a tiny dot on the ocean surrounded by dozens of forested islands where an occasional migrating whale passing by reminds me just how small I *and my problems really are. Plus, there’s just something invigorating about getting up with the sun (5am) and enjoying long days in nature with little, to no, reception. It’s the perfect getaway to stop the craziness of life and just breathe. Obviously, this trip was a little more hectic as we were filming most of the time, but you get the idea. We accompanied charter boats into the deep sea (many hours away from land) to film boats catching fish. Boy, were they catching fish. Between the dozen charter boats, people were reeling in fish every 30 seconds. It was an incredible sight.

Aside from fishing, this trip allowed Nick and I to really get to know the backstory behind these coveted lodges and the families running them. We were basically Russell’s shadow during our weeklong stay. 🙂 We asked more questions than I’d care to admit. But, hello, we were so interested in the people who choose to stay year-round on the island that many desert during the cold, bitter winters. I was amazed by how handy and self-taught many of these people are…they teach themselves the art of the trade to help support their family and create a productive industry of fishing, tourism, coal or lumber. What blew my mind and totally had Nick sold on moving to Alaska was the home renovation. When people want a bigger house, they just build a room or two onto the original house during the winter months (when they are not working their seasonal job). So, essentially everyone is always in mid-renovation. There’s never-ending projects on demand (Nick’s dream). If it’s not your house, it’s your neighbor’s who are needing an extra hand to work on their back deck. By the end of the week, Nick was seriously scouting out land. He dreams of building our own house, so I was lucky to get him on our flight home 🙂

Here are a few pictures in place of a few future videos (fingers crossed). And check out below to see a snippet of by far the coolest moment of the trip.

Openwater2 Openwater Boat Alaska_3

Nick_fishing4 Nick_fishing5 Nick_fishing2 Nick_fishing7 Nick_fishing6 Nick_fishing3 Nick_fishing


A little disheveled with a strong scent of fish, but we made it to the log cabin church just’n time.


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