LAKE POWELL! This is one of my absolute FAVORITE Homer family traditions. This trip alone is worth marrying into Nick’s family 🙂 Talk about the most beautiful scenery, best water toys (ahem, thanks to Nick) and food fit for kings. I joke with Carol (Nick’s mother) I eat better this week on the house boat than the rest of the year combined. She seriously is a wizard when it comes to cooking and baking. We are blessed to say the least.

I took out my camera the last two days to *try to document a SLIVER of this pristine beauty around us. One of my favorite parts of the trip is sleeping atop the houseboat. Nick started this tradition as a kid and has yet to do anything differently. I can see why. Falling asleep as the stars move overhead and waking up with the early sunrise (see video below of the moonrise) is pretty humbling.  Ahh! I really can’t put this trip into words so I’ll just post a slew of random pictures of my in-laws and the scenery we basked in all week. Hope you enjoy:)

Nick is one happy boy when he’s in the water. I adore this shot. This is my Nick.

One of my favorite parts of the week was evening surfing. In order to make that happen in a ski boat, we piled EVERYONE in the back corner to give enough weight to create the perfect wake. It was hilarious and so much fun!

Of course, we had a few technical difficulties throughout the week. Luckily Nick loves tinkering and is pretty darn good at it:) Here’s a shot of two brothers brainstorming solutions to engine issues. I know it probably wasn’t appropriate to take photos in the moment of distress but it’s totally my life since marrying Nick. He is the go-to mechanic and I sort of love it.

These cute girls^^






We couldn’t spend a week on the water without a little flight time. (Also, give it up to Nick’s dad who is 70 years old!!!)

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