So, I’ve had it in my head to make a wreath for months. I destroyed my last one trying to create a decoration for a YW’s event. Needless to say, the decoration didn’t work out and that was the last of anything remotely appealing about our front porch. Months went by, and nothing. I FINALLY found my way to Pinterest (often times I am too intimidated to get on this overwhelming site.) I was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. I love green. Everything green. I’m all about natural decor. So, when I saw a fresh, green wreath I knew I had to brave a trip to Hobby Lobby in search for a wreath wire ring.

Things you’ll need:

Wreath wire ring
Two types of greenery (totally up to you). I went with large, dark green leaves accented by lighter, smaller leafed foliage.
Scissors and wire cutter
Green floral wire

I found all of these supplies at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap. The most expensive supply was the foliage. If you can get your hands on inexpensive (fresh, real) foliage…now that would be a dream. I figured, I’d put plennnty hours into this wreath and it’d be worth the fake foliage:)

Now the fun part. It’s basically like one giant braid. I wrapped the individual foliage strands around the wire wreath ring (now say that 5X fast), attached securely with the floral wire. Continue to weave the strands, camouflaging the wire and other stems along the way.

One tip: For a cleaner looking wreath, have all of the strands facing the same direction as you are weaving and covering the wired ring.

I slowly started incorporating the second type of foliage after I had a good base of the dark green, leafy foliage. And then work your magic. Keep securing these strands with wire as you are slowly making the shape you like. Trim the foliage if necessary…though, I kinda like the look of the leafy strands sticking out so it’s not a perfect circle. 🙂

And, that’s it.

^^^a small glimpse of our well-loved porch. Seriously, that’s oil, glue, and welded muck from all of Nick’s projects. It’s best not to look down:)

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