Yesterday, I rolled over in bed to hear Nick on the floor typing on his computer. Before I could ask him what he was doing, I heard, “Everything you need to know before buying a … hedgehog.”

All I could do was laugh. I had expected to hear something more practical or… made of metal (at least). Which is the usual morning routine. That and the latest weekly obsession–this week being the string theory.

But I have to say, being married to Nick is FUN. I could try to think of a more romantic, elaborate way to describe this handsome man of mine, but honestly, I can’t. He’s passionate, witty and just plain brilliant. And that boyish charm. Gah!

Amidst the husband part, I scored a therapist, comedian, confidant, handy man, and best friend. Seriously. Although, marriage can still be scary and new at times, it’s so much more fun when everything is as open, loving, and humorous as it is with Nick. I’m in for an adventure, and that’s what I love.

Hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made is marrying this guy.





Blog about us picture.

I love lists. I think it’s a great way to say a lot without the need to embellish.

So, to avoid the small talk and excessive stories, let’s make a list.
What makes us, US!?!
Here are 50 things about the Homers!

1. He often smells of metal and lake water.
2. Her favorite movie is Ever After.
3. He has long toes. Like really long toes.
4. She loves handwritten letters.
5. They started to date after a flirtatious trip to the grocery store.
6. She loves the sun.
7. His skin does not.
8. They love the movie Moonrise Kingdom (Shhh, it’s the wifi password.)
9. She always forgets her passwords. Resets them. And forgets them.
10. He likes to build, build, build.
11. She likes to paint.
12. She hogs the blankets (every.single.night).
13. He puts up with her hogging the blankets.
14. Second to Chelsea is his love for legos.
15. She got her blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows from her great-grandfather.
16. He loves watching documentaries on space.
17. She idolizes Brene Brown.
18. They both fight for the yellow game piece.
19. She loves design and advertising.
20. He loves tree houses and dreams of building a treehouse bed & breakfast!
21. They only own a TV because it was given to them for free.
22. He cooks better than she does.
23. She started her own film company.
24. He dances when he’s on conference calls.
25. She is a planner.
26. He never sleeps in past 6:00 AM–no. matter. what.
27. They both love the mountains.
28. He’s still trying to convince her of the beauty of mt. biking.
29. He makes her laugh. often.
30. She loves to write.
31. He hates dancing in public.
32. She runs to cope.
33. They both graduated from BYU and met in Provo.
34. She can wiggle her ears.
35. He surprised her with a trip to California, where he proposed on the beach.
36. They LOVE a good podcast.
37. He does math in the shower.
38. She’s a sucker for a good deal.
39. He’s SUPER handy around the house. Like, he can fix anything.
40. She knows every word to any Shania Twain song. (Try me.)
41. She can’t wait to be a mother.
42. He speaks Portugese.
43. She is a feminist.
44. He gives her morning foot rubs.
45. She gets a little (a lot) grumpy when she’s hungry.
46. He never spoke a word until he was 13. Now he can’t stop talking. (haha, seriously!)
47. She likes to groom him with nose strips…when he lets her.
48. He drives (and builds) motorized couches.
49. She loves to squish and kiss his face.
50. They both love waterflight!

-Nick & Chels

Here’s a little snippet of “our story”:



We packed our bags and headed East, to the great outdoors. One year ago, Nick invited me and a bunch of his buddies to backpack up to the most beautiful spot in the Uintas: Cutthroat Lake. Long story short, we built a living room out of rocks, nearby logs, and an old hatchet — AND the rest is history. It was finally time to make a journey back to the lake and see how the “Living Room” had held up over the winter months. This time, we brought an axe and more girls. Thankfully.

AND, most importantly, Nick and I are MARRIED!! It’s amazing how much life can change in one year.


IMG_5269Our destination: Cutthroat Lake^^


IMG_5184^^Britton and Jamie^^

IMG_5203^^Tim and Simone^^





photo 2

Nick let me borrow the pack he got when he was a wee boy scout. He was a pretty big 12-year-old, I’d say. I felt like one of those kids who attends summer camp sporting all their older sibling’s gear, hoping to grow into it eventually.



IMG_5252Sadly, the only piece of furniture remaining from last year’s homemade living room was this rock reclining chair. Oh well. At least there is proof of last year’s hard work.

photo 5


photo 3

HomermakersRise and shine!! So fun to get up with the sun and to hear how alive the world is — birds chirping and fish bobbing at the water’s edge. Seriously, this lake could go on living forever and never notice another human being, again.


IMG_5357We ventured on a morning hike up to a peak, overlooking the lake. It was beautiful, sunny and just perfect. The crisp mt. air can cure anything. I’m sure of it.

photo 3


Collage Aloha! Our first week married was spent in the most beautiful, vibrant place I’ve ever laid eyes on– Kauai, HI. The greens were greener. The blues were bluer. And the land was so fresh and diverse — It was a dream come true. Upon arrival, our first item on the to-do list was a helicopter tour of the island. We had heard that this was a MUST-SEE, above almost everything else. Best. Decision. Ever. We were able to see the beautiful scenery and get an overall picture of the island’s unique vegetation (see pictures above^^). We then spent the remainder of the week exploring the island in search for those breathtaking beaches and areas we saw by flight.

photo 2 (1) 2

After a crazy summer of work and wedding planning, my main plug was for beach time. Solid beach time. We spent as  much time in the sun as Nick’s skin would allow:) I think we may have overdone the first few days, because it left the rest of the week spent hiding from the sun in search for fresh fruit stands. We couldn’t get enough of those ripe mangos.

AND above all else, it made me realize how lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful guy. I will probably tell you many times, but I married UP! I couldn’t stop staring at Nick the whole week. All I could think about was, “Did he really choose me!?” “My kids are going to look like him!?” “We are going to be together FOREVER!?” I woke up many mornings asking Nick, “Are you sure we’re married?” After about the third time asking, he finally realized, maybe I truly did need some convincing:) But really, I was so happy to be in a beautiful place with the ONE person I chose to spend the rest of my life pleasing, loving, nurturing, and tending. All that built-up emotional exhaustion and wedding stress just melted away with the sun. Oh how it was liberating to love so freely. Okay enough gushiness. (Though you should expect gushiness in a post titled “honeymooners”.)

Nick is quite the charmer. When we arrived at our first hotel, the ladies at the front desk gave us complementary snorkeling gear–for FREE! We were so lucky. Snorkeling gear was a GREAT incentive to get Nick to stay at the beach:)


Once we maxed out on afternoons spent at the beach, we decided to trek up the Na Pali Coast by boat. This was the only side of the island we could not reach by car. Experiencing the magnificence of the high, rigid cliffs that drop into the clean, turquoise ocean was worth every minute of the long venture around the island. We seemed so small and minuscule compared to the grand presence of mother nature herself. It was incredible. We sped through sea caves, explored ancient ruins, and snorkeled the murky bay. Though we were as good as crisp by the end of the trip, it was an afternoon worth remembering.

Ahhh! I was in love.

photo 5

Our last afternoon was spent on stand-up paddle boards. Gah! It felt so nice to be in fresh river water. After feeling sticky and sandy all week, it was very refreshing to be in the sun and still feel clean. We owe more than a blissful afternoon to that lovely river. It was a conversation from this river trip that gave birth to THIS BLOG. We talked about what we wanted to be as a couple. As a family. Then…naturally, I decided to create a space where we could share our ideas. You know, help project (and be) more good in the world.

So, after nights spent brainstorming and tweaking code, here’s our blog. Here’s hoping to be a force for good.

photo 4

photo 1 (1)



July 18, 2014

The day was so full of emotion — I about burst! We were surrounded by the dearest of friends and loved ones. The crisp morning air, so full of excitement and fresh promise. Nick, his demeanor so calm and gentle. And my mother, always at my side, so nurturing and emotional with each embrace.

As I changed and prepared for the ceremony, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes. Me? I’m the one getting married. I dreamt of this day, but never imagined it would come. But it had. And I was there. Every step and brief conversation had meaning, almost as if life stopped and started again in slow motion. We sat. We talked. We moved from room to room. When my thoughts would run away from me, Nick would squeeze my hand or whisper something in my ear to bring me back to him. And we were there–together–with everyone we love, making promises we’ll cherish forever.

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