hello and welcome! I’m Chels, and this is my online home where I write about things that matter to me. In July of 2014 I married Nick, the craziest, most brilliant, energetic man on the planet.

We did the only practical thing after marriage and quit both of our jobs, starting a fresh new chapter. He builds the coolest water buy Ivermectin online uk jet packs and I do  http://mangos-falmouth.co.uk/product-category/vinyl/ film. You can always identify us by our junk-filled porch stacked high with projects and Nick’s latest inventions.

We love nightly walks and a good podcast. Our house is often permeated with the smell of welded metal and warm cookies — you can place the perpetrator with each scent. I so love my life with Nick, though it’s been anything but smooth. We thrive in the real, raw, grounded moments in life. Hope you stay to play or at least chat. 🙂


For more nitty gritty details about how we met, “struggled” to date, and eventually made the decision to share the last name of Homer, click  http://taltybaptistchurch.org/read-the-bible-every-day/ here: