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I woke up on the brave side of the bed this month and joined my husband in claiming a rather daunting career status– self-starter. I’ve never thought of starting my own business, but upon marrying an entreprenuer (through-and-through), Nick has instilled some passion and a little confidence in me to create something bigger than myself.

Part of starting a new chapter in life is knowing when to turn the page on current fulfilling chapters.

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Angel Grandpa

I stumbled upon this journal entry written about the passing of my grandfather many months ago. I miss him.

For the first time I don’t know what to say. As quickly as I write, I delete. How do you write about a man so perfect it makes you question the goodness of your own human core? We would often joke with my grandma how it is that she married an angel. “He’s practically perfect,” we would say.

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When Katie asked me to film Henry’s birth, I about peed my pants out of excitment. Flashback five months ago when I spent an ENTIRE afternoon crying on my couch watching birth videos. I don’t know how I stumbled upon them, but I did, and there was no going back. I talked to Nick about wanting to start my own little videography business. Of course, after settling down the (overwhelming!) fear, doubt, and insecurity of learning a new trade (NOT to mention

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Birthday Bliss

birthday_postHonest to goodness, I love birthdays. I love the fun birthday cards and random surprises. I love the whole concept of celebrating life and validating others. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a party, catch up with friends, and eat lots and lots of sweets. Man, it’s just the best day ever!

This year was a little different. Nick and I were in the middle of back-to-back boat shows and I was working overtime to get work off so I could fly to Miami to meet Nick at the boat show. BUT

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Cold Cabin

Lots (and lots!) of snow + family bonding + a cozy cabin + snowmobiles makes for one wild ride. I have to say, a week spent in Island Park has to be one of the biggest perks of joining Nick’s family. Every Christmas, the Homer family loads their car and snowmobile trailer full of (yummy!) food, games, and snow gear to last the week’s journey.

By this time of year, the snow is so deep that we have to snowmobile in and out of the cabin–which only adds to the whole romantic/fairytale aspect of Island Park. Seriously, it’s a dream. Between Carol’s homemade cooking and afternoons spent in the fresh mt. air, I couldn’t be more excited to adopt this family tradition.

Check out the video for a sneak peak into life at the cabin.



Lucille’s Debut

Once upon a time, Nick befriended Devin-SUPERTRAMP-Graham on FB. Two hours later, Devin asked for hedgehogs living in Provo for an upcoming Christmas video. My how the heavens smiled upon Lucy that evening. (If you don’t know Devin Graham, check him out.) We commented that, yes, indeed, we have a pet hedgehog and we live in Orem. Devin messaged Nick back and BOOM, Lucy got her big break…unbeknownst to her:)

The next day we took Lucy up to a mansion on the mountain to meet Devin and the crew. For the next five hours we tried our best to handle these hedgehogs with care. But, as the antisocial, unpotty trained little creatures they are, it was a bigger task than we expected. The little hedgies would dart as quickly as possible to any dark folds in the christmas tree skirt or underneath the couch — Hedgies are nocturnal. And once you offend a hedgie, beware of picking them up. We had little spike balls everywhere resisting to be moved or set in a train car. It was both adorable and exhausting to keep track of these sneaky little guys.  In good news, everyone survived the evening, and the movie was uploaded a week later.


The big 1-8!! WHA!?! Where did the time go?

To celebrate her birth, naturally, we went to the woods and turned her in to the most beautiful Christmas fairy. It’s silly and rather ridiculous…but she was such a great sport and looked absolutely breathtaking the whole time–no matter the freezing temperatures.

Ironically, the song accompanying this short clip is titled, Neverland–a song about never growing up. Oh how I wish Liza Jane would forever stay the chubby-cheeked, happy baby she once was. I tell you, those honker cheeks + dimples made her a sight for sore eyes, indeed.

Now, she is becoming such a fearless young lady. Though involved in student government, volleyball, track, and a load of AP classes, she still has time to be the fun-loving party animal we all love. It baffles me the way she can juggle so many things in her life and still make time for family and things of importance. I love her dearly.

I love her creative nature. Her live-loud attitude. Her optimism when faced with difficult trials and unexpected health turns. Her beautiful testimony. Her ability to be carefree, yet sensitive and empathetic when needed. She is a winner through and through.

Love you, liza beth!



Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Hope it was a wonderful weekend spent with people you love.

How I adore this much-needed holiday.  Family. Friends. Food. And gratitude galore. Honestly, I go through withdrawals after long weekends spent at home. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep due to the full-time party going on at ALL hours of the day or just the fact that I laugh harder, sing louder, and play crazier when I’m with the fam, but every long weekend leaves me craving  for more.

Aside from the endless game nights, afternoon hikes, laughing fits, and black friday shopping sprees, we decided to make a pie. How original!?! But not just any pie…a pie to be filmed. This is my first official Vimeo film. woot. woot. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been researching and watching online tutorials featuring the basics of videography. Ranging from Premiere color correction to camera angles, I’ve dedicated much of my time to learning this new trade. Thanksgiving was my chance to put some of these unrefined skills to the test. Lucky for me, I have wonderful sisters and a mother to volunteer their helping hands and let me take charge: “Wait, do that again!” “Can you roll the egg a little to the left?” “Pat the dough a little more femininely, if possible.” Though it took a few more hours than usual to make an apple pie and a few wrong turns (2 cups of extra sugar due to retakes), it was well worth the time.

Hope you enjoy the short film more than we enjoyed the pie.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. I’d love to get some feedback. Thank you, thank you.

Happy Holidays!!


Amidst all the wonderful things that have happened in our lives (i.e. Miss Lucille, job successes, fall adventures, ward callings, good friends and family nearby), I have to confess, my heart has been a little heavy. Marriage requires two people. That means two personalities. Two timelines. AND two lives coming together as one. For the most part, this is exciting and full of opportunity and promise. That leaves a small (or sometimes large) part vulnerable to frustration and head-banging conversations in seek of compromise and direction. Days are full of growth and learning — both regarding my own identity and the identity of us as a couple. Which brings me to the purpose of this post: temples.

I had the blessed opportunity to go through the temple for the first time several months ago, and my life forever changed…more than I could’ve ever anticipated. My arbitrary worries seemed to fade. My faith and trust in God felt practically tangible. And, my doubts and insecurities in my relationship became more of a catalyst and less of a road block. It was amazing and miraculous. That afternoon following my temple trip was full of emotions that I will always hold near to my heart. After such a long battle with fear, doubt, and insecurity in dating, I felt overwhelmingly blessed to experience the smidgen of hope and peace only offered by God.

GAH! I wish there was an >>insert song and dance>> in this blog post, because, if there were, I would include ten of them. In fact, when I started thinking about the temple, I thought of the commonly belted Wicked song, For Good. Although this song is sung between two unlikely friends, Glinda and Elphaba, I can’t help but feel this same way about the temple: changed for good. I cannot express how significantly the unifying and sacred bonds of the temple have strengthened me first as a young woman and now as a wife. It has made all the difference in my decision to marry and my marriage thus far. There is a deeper sanctity to my relationship with Nick, one that I cannot attribute to any other wedding gift or piece of marriage advice. It’s a place of perspective, hope, and recharge. Rather than letting the recent feelings of uncertainty fester and the weight of responsibility become overwhelming, I’ve continued (and hope to continue) to return to the source that is liberating and reassuring in nature. How grateful I am to have such a lovely place to reside in times of happiness and trial.

AND how grateful I am to have a small snippet of the most lovely day of my life to watch and rewatch, time and time again.






IMG_9271 IMG_9263 IMG_9264

^^oops. Bombs away.

IMG_9259 IMG_9261 IMG_9257

I know it seems like we’re totally obsessed with our hedgehog, but we are! She is such a delight. Though she doesn’t speak or really do a whole lot of anything, if we’re being honest, she does have a way of boosting the morale instantly when she enters the room. I don’t know if it’s her round, black eyes or just how proportionally tiny she is…she has Nick and me wrapped around her little paw.

Nick and I had no idea as to what we wanted to be for Halloween. A few days ago, we considered a costume for Lucy….that halted ALL progress on our costumes and full steam ahead for Miss Lucy. Let’s be honest, it’s much more fun brainstorming costumes for little rodents than it is for humans. After we got to thinking of the most ADORABLE little costumes for Lu Lu, we discovered one minor detail: hedgehogs do not like being dressed up. Like, not one bit. So…then we had to limit our creativity and get more creative (if that makes any sense at all), to come up with a costume that took little, to no, effort on her part.

This is the end result. I couldn’t stop laughing. I always laugh when Lucy’s in the picture (literally and figuratively). Of course, we had to let her inspect the costume ingredients before we made her wear them. I showered a few sprinkles on her little head, but naturally, she shook them off faster than I could strategically place them. On the bright side, we managed to get a few shots where she wasn’t squirming all over the place. Hooray!

**side note: we think we’re crazy. In fact, we know we’re crazy. We apologize in advance and also appreciate any donations we may receive from the stock photo industry — we’re definitely contributing to their hedgehog selection.